Hiring a Pet-Sitter

You've decided to take a vacation. The tickets have been purchased, the hotel and car reservations are confirmed, and a new suitcase sits on your bed, ready to be packed. There's just one detail left -- who will watch the pets while you're away? You can take them along, if the place where you are staying will accommodate them. You could board them, which means they must leave you and their own home.


You can hire a professional pet-sitter to take care of your pets in the best environment possible -- their own home!

More and more pet owners are choosing this option, which for many is the most logical choice.


Even if you do not own pets, but simply want your house to look "lived-in", we can provide house-sitting services as well. This is normally done on an overnight basis, and includes all of the non-pet-related services mentioned in this website. Please call for details.