Gerry Schwerdt

Gerry has owned pets since the age of 7, when he had a succession of goldfish, a couple of green water turtles, a couple of desert tortoises (now a protected species), and a dog with the regal name of Sir Muttley Tiger (pronounced Tee-ger, of course). Gerry went through a "dry spell" in his twenties and early thirties, and remained "animal-less" until meeting, dating, and marrying his (now) wife, Barbara. It was at that point that he began pet-sitting. His comment to Barbara, as he recalls, was something like "You mean I’ll get paid for watching other people’s dogs, cats, and other pets? How cool!" Not only did Barbara show him the ropes in the newly emerging pet sitting business (this was in 1992), but she also was instrumental in getting him involved in dog and cat rescues. This volunteer work proved to be very rewarding, and educational as well, since many of the animals rescued required a range of medical care from bottle feeding premature puppies and kittens to treating skin mange and performing hydration therapy on animals who were in the final stages of renal failure. Soon after this began, he found himself the proud owner of four dogs and four cats. It was at this point that he and Barbara started to get a LOT of practice in animal care. He has since applied that practice to their pet sitting business, and over the course of the last 8 years, has gained a lot of experience in the unique needs of pets.

Gerry looks forward to spending time with all of their clients’ pets, and hopes to expand his experience to caring for more reptiles and birds, species which he finds fascinating to watch.

In addition to pet sitting, Gerry is also a freelance commercial writer, a creative writer, and lighthouse aficionado. He graduated from UC Irvine in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (now more a hobby than a vocational goal). He hopes to eventually earn an MFA in Creative Writing (while doing house and pet sitting, of course) after Barbara is well established in her own dog-training career. His spiritual life includes being a member of the Namaste Interfaith Center, where he is studying to become a minister. He hopes to apply these studies to becoming a part-time grief counselor for people who have lost pets to illness or accidents.

His love of pet sitting is something that has continued to grow over these past 9 years. According to Gerry "There is a real need for this service. People need to know that their animals are in capable hands while they are away. For many of our clients, as it is for us, their animals are their children, and they are very particular about who cares for them in their absence. This is where we, professional pet-sitters, come in."